How to Eliminate the Danger in Taking Off a Horse's Halter!

I see so many posts on Facebook that are misleading. One time I saw a video of an infant placed into a stall with a stallion and people commented on what a great babysitter he was. Nothing happened, but how many people think that they could trust stallions to take care of an infant after seeing this video? 

My advice is to never take a horse for granted and stay on the lookout for anything that would create a dangerous situation for you or your horse. I remember one time, a stallion was in a cross-tie, and a groom brushed his hind leg. A mare was led past the stallion. To get the mare’s attention, he kicked out, squealed, and accidentally kicked the groom, sending her to the hospital. She was warned that a mare would be passing by, but she continued brushing the back leg of the horse because she trusted the stallion would not hurt her. Any horse can be dangerous in certain situations if we do not follow precautionary practices.

Here's the lesson…

It’s so...

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Liberty Training- What is it, and why does your horse need it?

LIBERTY TRAINING®-What is it, and why does your horse need it? 

Liberty Training ® - A Definition:

Liberty training is designed to bring a horse a sense of freedom and safety without using any tack, including halters or ropes. Working with a horse in this way will increase the horse's desire to interact and will create a deeper bond and a dependable performance under saddle. Liberty Training is designed to develop optimum horsemanship skills and is the foundation for any and all equestrian pursuits. "

It all began at a successful clinic in Palm Springs, for the Palm Springs Arabian Association, where I worked with 20 horses to demonstrate the value of training horses at Liberty. My audience was around 150 people, and each day, it grew larger and larger as people liked what they saw and heard. Word got around!

I first came up with and coined the term 'Liberty Training' © in 1976 *, when I began teaching the method at the training and breeding center I had at the...

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Your Vibration is your Tack!

Instead of using a halter and rope, the tack you use for Liberty Training is vibrational.


Let's look at the Waterhole Rituals from the perspective of the leadership we bring to a horse as it relates to the vibrations we are feeling in the moment.

To be a leader that a horse could trust, one needs to feel a sense of well being. This helps with the vibrations you share with a horse. Having the right vibrations changes the result of whether a horse would follow your lead or not. Horses are a good judge of who to follow and who not to. This is why I emphasize vibrational development before focusing on leadership. For a horse to trust in your leadership, a strong bond needs to be present at the moment with plenty of Sharing Territory regularly to keep the bond growing.

When you are nourished from the companionship of Sharing Territory with your horse, they see that you care for their wellbeing, and in those moments, you have an opportunity to lead once the...

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The Round Pen Using the “Sweety Pie” Approach!

Round pen training works well in conjunction with the Waterhole Rituals after you have developed a well-trained horse at Liberty.

I have found that starting a horse with the Waterhole Rituals instead of starting with a round pen gives the horse more security and a kind of bond that brings out the best performance a horse has to offer.

It takes skill to use a round pen. If you want to use one, I would advise you to educate your horse in the Waterhole Rituals to develop your skill.

If you start in a round pen first, it can put too much pressure on a horse. A round pen keeps a horse the same distance from you giving a horse no relief from your influence. Round pens can initially trouble a horse for this reason—a green person with a troubled horse, not a good idea.

I use round pens for various reasons, but not before Liberty Training, and freestyle dancing with a horse is accomplished. I train a horse at Liberty in a rectangular arena, so the horse has a sense of freedom to lose...

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