Achieving Resonance With A Horse

Feb 08, 2021

We realize the sensitivity of horses; we also see that horses are resilient with a powerful spirit. We horse lovers have been drawn to horses for centuries. Horses possess a freedom that we humans search for. From our connection to horses, we strengthen our spirits. 

Through the ages that horses and humans have shared the world, horses have overwhelmingly suffered because of humans’ self-serving nature. 

A new consciousness is growing to give horses a better deal by taking a deep look into a horse's emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Rather than attempting to harness their soul in an afternoon, there is more interest in taking time to get to know a horse’s personality and developing a heart connection by keeping company with your horse to get to know him or her better. 

Meditation in the Company of Your Horse at Liberty

I have felt that meditation in your horse's company brings a sense of well being to both the horse and human, which opens the door to sharing resonance with a horse; then, a horse will naturally follow your lead and trust you as a family member. If you spend time with your horse because you enjoy his or her company, you are bringing a better deal to the horse. It is a win-win sharing. 

From a meditation practice, your vibrations will rise to meet the free spirit of a horse. A magical language arises out of this practice from wanting nothing but your horse’s company.  By being with a horse in this way, your spirit will grow, and your vibrations will rise. Troubling things that you think are in your way will disappear. You will gain a natural ability to influence a horse to trust you and choose your leadership.  

Resonating with a Horse

HeartMath Institute is an organization that scientifically measures a horse and human's vibrations to watch for when resonance is shared. Their work is important to me. The reason it is important is that it validates that this alignment happens. When horse and human align in resonance, there is a shift in consciousness for both the horse and the human; both of their spirits are strengthened. Being with the horse in this alignment raises the vibration of the person. What is beautiful is that the horse recognizes this shift. Both horse and human can communicate and understand each other magically at these times. 

I have found that because the human’s consciousness is raised, they will naturally put the horse’s well-being over their self-interest. The value to me is that when people can share resonance with a horse, they give a better deal to the horses. Training for performance and the performance become joyful. This relationship lengthens the life and well being of the horse and human. 

Consciously focusing on developing your spirit to align with a horse will grow the bond. Putting yourself in a state of well-being causes a horse to feel more relaxed and more willing to trust in your nature. Waiting for this resonance to develop grows the trust. When you choose to communicate with a horse only when you feel this resonance, respect is developed, and knowing how to communicate with a horse at liberty comes naturally. 

How does a relationship develop with a horse by hanging out with the horse, and what does that look like?

Many people train horses at Liberty because they want to grow their connection, in the same way, the boy made a connection with the Black Stallion in the movie the Black Stallion. You start, like the boy in the film did, by Sharing Territory with your horse; this is the first Ritual in The Resnick Method, The Waterhole Rituals program. It builds the bond between the human and the horse.

One way to Share Territory and to get horses to accept you into their world is through mirroring their behavior.

In the following exercise, there will be an exchange where the horse influences you and vice versa. You will have mirrored interactions with your horse like horses do. The interactions that you learn from this exercise are the same ones that occur between individuals in a herd that share “partnership communication.” What develops is a horse that will naturally begin to fit in with you by matching your movements along with you mirroring his/her movements. Simultaneously, the horse begins taking direction from you as you become the focus of the horse.

The horse will begin to accept you as part of his/her family and respect you as a leader.  The partnership that develops lessens the need for performance training dramatically. 

I have used the principle of mirroring a horse’s behavior all my life. I started this when I was a little girl with my family in Indio, California. We had horses in our backyard, and I felt that if I joined with them and did what horses did, by acting as a horse, I would gain an even deeper connection than what I already had. If the horses were eating, I would act as if I was eating by moving the food around in the same fashion that a horse does while eating. I would go over to the water trough and pretend to drink water just like they did. I would look alert at the same things that got their attention. I would pretend like I was sleeping when they slept, and I played just like them when they played.

Mirroring Exercise: 

Once you are sharing resonance with a horse from your meditation practice, take it to the field. Go out into the pasture and spend time with your horse while he/she is grazing. If you do not have a grazing area, you can set up a large space by placing hay all around to cause the horse to graze.  Mirror your horse’s movements doing what he/she does and going where he/she goes. In this process, you should start developing the ability to read your horse’s mind by predicting what he/she will do next. You will feel how long you think the horse will stay in one spot when he/she feels like moving on and in which direction he/she will go. After an hour or so of this practice, try walking away from the horse when you think or feel that he/she might join you. When your horse follows you for a few feet, let him/her, and then when your horse stops to eat, go back to following. 

This way of being with your horse will have a profound positive impact on your relationship and connection. You will gain so much knowledge about your horse’s behavior, and you will know how to keep in resonance with your horse in anything you do. Hanging out with your horse and practicing harmonious meditations will grow your spirit. This will guide you in the magical ways of connecting to the heart of the horse. You will be a better human to the horse and give the horse a better deal.



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