The Resnick Method of Horsemanship

Founder, Carolyn Resnick
Co-Founder, and Master Trainer, Nancy Zintsmaster

The Resnick Method of Horsemanship was originally developed by Carolyn Resnick over 40 years ago and is based on her expertise and observation of wild horses. Carolyn immersed herself in studying horse behavior and realized during her years of studying wild horses, that she could communicate with them based on a language that was natural to them, how horses communicate with each other. 

From this communication she created The Waterhole Rituals,  a unique method of training horses at Liberty. In the 1970's Carolyn originated the term "Liberty Training".   Liberty Horse training is communicating with your horse without tack in a free and open environment. The Waterhole Rituals teaches how to lead and how to connect with the nature of the horse to bring out trust, respect, and the wiligness in a horse.  Being able to communicate in this manner brings well-being to your soul, and to the horses soul,  where you will discover your true nature. 

In 2017, The Resnick Method of Horsemanship launched The Resnick Method Liberty Training® Academy. Carolyn Resnick and Nancy Zintsmaster, co-created this academy to empower people who need help in connecting to the very heart of the horse, and to help people understand how to use horses as our guides for self realization; to address the whole being, mind, body, and spirit. It is our mission to help grow the new world consciousness that is now ready to receive this next step in valuing horses as teachers and healers, making the horse a true partner in our journey of self healing, personal growth and transformation.

Carolyn Resnick has dedicated her life to creating educational programs to bring awareness about horses and help people connect to their true self. 

About Carolyn

Carolyn Resnick's life with horses began in Indio, California in the 1940s. Riding alone in the desert as a child, she nurtured an intuitive bond with horses. In the beginning of what would become a lifelong passion for developing innovative horse training methods, created from her interactive studies with wild horses, Carolyn spent three summers of her childhood gradually becoming accepted into a community of wild horses, culminating her ability to ride a lead mare bareback and without a bridle, just from the bond that they shared. 


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As a young girl her interest in horses led to training and showing in both English and Western divisions. Her desire to create a championship performance from the willing spirit of the horse led her on a unique quest to gain knowledge of natural wild horse behaviour and communication systems.

Carolyn’s formal introduction to the wider equine community began in the early 1970s from her ranch, Stonehenge Arabians/Dances With Horses, a successful training and Arabian breeding center in Sonoma, California in operation for 25 years.

From her studies of wild horses, Carolyn formulated her own system of relating to horses she named The Carolyn Resnick Method/The Waterhole Rituals. She subsequently toured the United States for several years, giving clinics and exhibitions on her method. 

This method of horsemanship consists of seven Waterhole Rituals and they are based on social bonding rituals that are natural to horses, and are a concrete way to practice Liberty Training with your horse!

By learning how these Rituals function in a natural herd, and by practicing this method of horsemanship, students will learn how to communicate horses in a language innate to the horse. This communication encourages horses to see us as their leaders.

This knowledge enhances all interactions between humans and horses; feeding, leading, grooming, riding, training and show!

Carolyn has an online school teaching her programs, as well Dances with Horses Training Center in Escondido, California. Carolyn teaches her Method in partnership with Nancy Zintsmaster who owns and operates The Resnick Method, Dances With Horses training center in Arenal, Costa Rica.

Carolyn also serves on the advisory board of Return To Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary, in Lompoc, California, as an expert in wild horse behavior.

In 2005 Carolyn released her first book Naked Liberty, which was subtitled Memoirs of my childhood, Guided by passion, Educated by Wild Horses. The language of movement, communication and leadership through the ways of the horse. The book is printed in English, German and Italian.

About Nancy

Nancy Zintsmaster is co-founder of The Resnick Method of Horsemanship, Certified Instructor and Master Trainer in The Carolyn Resnick Method.

Nancy is a testament to the transformational power of The Resnick Method. Like many, she'd been naturally drawn to horses since childhood and sought their company every chance she got. But it wasn't until she found Carolyn's book, Naked Liberty,  that she understood the depth of connection she could aspire to have with them.

In Costa Rica, she found herself rescuing 5 horses in dire conditions and choosing the path of Liberty Training in The Resnick Method to gain their trust and respect. What began as an effort to save them, morphed into a journey of personal transformation and it became clear to her that these sentient beings had so much more to teach her than she had to teach them.

Finally, she connected with Carolyn herself and a life-changing partnership began. Carolyn was impressed with her natural gift with horses and moved by her palpable passion for Carolyn's teachings. 

Nancy has since then become the biggest advocate for The Resnick Method, firm in her belief that all horse lovers should have the same opportunities she's had to connect with horses. As Master Trainer in this method, she's determined to travel worldwide to spread the word on this powerful and effective way to communicate with horses, to ensure a better treatment of horses, with greater rewards for horse-lovers. 

You can find her with her rescue horses in her ranch, Dance with Horses (The Resnick Method's Costa Rica location), situated at the top of her own mountain, overlooking the lake and volcano of Arenal.


"The connection that I now have with my horses has helped me realize my true nature and has led me to the path I was meant to take in my life! This is something that I feel is possible for all humans and horses."

Nancy lives a life of Pura Vida with her husband in beautiful El Castillo, Costa Rica. She has two daughters, three grandchildren, two dogs and a herd of 6 special horses. 

Study One on One With Carolyn and Nancy

Learn how your horses think and how best to communicate with them. Fundamental groundwork exercises at Liberty give you the confidence to set the foundation for a safe, respectful and fun relationship with your horse.


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