Finding Feel

Nov 30, 2021

This is a big topic today, from the ground to the saddle.  People are in a search to find “FEEL”

No matter what clinics you attend, horse trainer’s advice you get, or method of training you choose, the thing that always comes up is finding Feel. However, Feel is not usually taught because the main focus is on training the horse rather than the person. 

I was a natural with it came to Feel. My Dad said that it can not be taught. “Carolyn, you either have it, or you don't.” At the time, I felt he was wrong, and then I knew what I would do for a living. I decided I was going to teach others how to connect with a horse to acquire Feel. That is where the magic happens!   

You can be born with Feel, and I believe it can also be taught, but people still spend years not finding their way to Feel. What stands in their way is lack of connection with their horse. They are more focused training their horse for performance and removing negative behaviors. Focusing on finding connection with horses is what develops Feel

No matter how well or how poorly a horse is trained, or how resistant or willing he is, it is important to develop horsemanship skills by being a student of the horse. Being a student of the horse is to study the culture of horses. To understand how pecking order actually leads to harmony. Once you understand the culture of horses, Feel organically happens. Learning the culture of horses opens the door to understanding the individual character and personality of the horse.

What Feel can do for you is create a horse that is dependable. You want the horse’s connection to be alive and growing. If your relationship with your horse is not growing, it is declining. Just like any relationship, spending time bonding is vital in keeping the partnership alive. You want your horse to enjoy the performance he is giving you to be as fulfilling to him as it is for you. Having this consideration for your horse, you will develop Feel.  

So, how do you get Feel? Awareness from being present to the moment, connection,  and understanding the nature of horses is what develops Feel.  Roll up your sleeves and take the commitment on the journey to develop Feel. I did, and I don’t regret it.

Having Feel will give you an ability to communicate with your horse deeper than an animal communicator. 

Understanding the culture of horses is paramount. You also need to understand the individual horse. This is true from a horse buddy to a performance horse.    

One thing is for sure when you have a deep connection, a soft Feel is present. Your life with horses will become more alive. The magic is in finding the Feel

Stay on the lookout for new horse and human sightings. May the horse be with you. 


Carolyn Resnick

P.S. - Ask yourself honestly,  “do I have this knowledge”? How important is Feel? Do I have a horse that I can connect with, with the ability I have right now? Have I studied horsemanship and the behavior of horses enough to think that I can fix a horse that needs fixing?

If you are interested in learning more about The Resnick Method and finding Feel with your horse, what we have Developing The Bond Mini-Course,  get the Feel and find what you are looking for.

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