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Hi my name is Nancy Zintsmaster. 


I am co-founder and a master trainer in the Resnick Method of Horsemanship.


 You may be wondering how I got to this place today.....

I want to share with you the story of my journey to success with horses. 


About nine years ago, I rescued a small herd of 4 horses. These horses were neglected, abused, and extremely shut down. They had no trust for humans, so they were very fearful and difficult to handle. I had experience with horses since I was 4 years old and felt confident that I would have no problem in bringing them around to be healthy and happy!
Once I began caring for these horses, I realized that I did not have the knowledge to properly train them, and needed to find a way to connect to them so that I could handle them and feel safe.  So, I began studying different methods of "Natural Horsemanship."


The more I practiced this, the more I realized that it was NOT natural to the horse at all!! I found it very stressful to be with my horses as I did not want conflict, and so, I learned that I did not feel comfortable with pressure and release methods of training. It was not working for me, and my horses became more complicated and detached.


I began thinking that I could not train them myself, so I felt lost and hopeless. I felt that my only option was to hire a trainer, which would cost a fortune, and I would still not have the skills to keep the training on the horses once they returned home,  nor would I ever have the connection I was looking for.  I did not want to pay a trainer to develop the bond and partnership with my horses that I wanted for myself.


This was NOT an option for me!


My goal was to develop a strong connection with them so that they would trust ME and bond to ME. I wanted to train my horses with compassion and give them a sense of freedom of choice. I was on a mission to find just that!
AND THEN...... 7 years ago I found Carolyn Resnick and her method of Liberty Training®, The Waterhole Rituals.  Carolyn's original liberty training method dramatically changed my life, and my horses lives forever.  It was a HUGE breakthrough; a shift in consciousness for both me and my herd!  My horses became happy, willing to work with me, connected to me and the need for "TRAINING" just disappeared!  In just a few short weeks the transformation in me,  and my horses,  was miraculous!



Carolyn Resnick

Founder of The Resnick Method Liberty Training® and The Waterhole Rituals™

The Resnick Method of Horsemanship was originally developed by Carolyn Resnick over 40 years ago and is based on her expertise and observation of wild horses. Carolyn immersed herself in studying horse behavior and realized during her years of studying wild horses, that she could communicate with them based on a language that was natural to them and how horses communicate with each other. 

From this communication she created The Waterhole Rituals™, a unique method of training horses at Liberty. In the 1970's Carolyn originated the term "Liberty Training". Liberty Training® is communicating with your horse without tack in a free and open environment. The Waterhole Rituals teaches you how to lead and how to connect with the nature of the horse to bring out a bond trust, respect, and the willingness in a horse.  Being able to communicate in this manner brings well-being to your soul, and to the horses soul,  where you will discover your true nature. 


Experiencing the self-realization and transformation in myself and my horses set me out on a journey to share this method with the world and empower others to bring well being, not only to themselves, but to their horses,  as well.

I soon quit my well paying job and set out to share Carolyn's life work, The Waterhole Rituals™ with the world. 

I now travel the globe teaching The Waterhole Rituals and coach online with Carolyn in our amazing Original Liberty Training Master Class.

It has truly changed my life and I love it! 

If you're on this page I'm guessing you likely fit into one of  these categories:


  • You are an extreme horse lover wanting a better connection with your horse 
  • You know that there is a hole in your training, and in the relationship you have with your horse
  • You are not comfortable with the method of training you trainer thinks is best for your horse.  
  • You don't want to use "old fashioned" methods of training that are hard on a horse
  • You have realized that your horse is a bit "checked out",  and/or miserable in your company.
  • You are fearful of your horse,  or you lack the confidence you feel you need to train your horse yourself.
  • You are tired of buying into “do it yourself” training methods that somehow leave you feeling inadequate and unable to get the outcome you are looking for. 
  • You can’t control your horse when riding,  leading,  or feeding.  
  • Your horse shy’s on the trail,  wants to go back to the barn,  or tries to bite you when you saddle him.
  • You are confused because you think your trainer knows more than you, but your gut tells you something is NOT right!
  • You want to be coached while training your horse, but you can't afford to travel and don't know where to begin.

Regardless of the category you fit in, let me tell you one important thing...



If you want deep trust and respect from your horse,  and a method that is 100% natural to horses, then what you'll find on this page IS exactly what you are looking for!


My story is probably a lot like yours. I tried so many different training methods thinking that this next one would be a great fit. Why wouldn’t it? It works for so many other people, it would have to work for me!  So, I struggled with understanding why I was doing what I was doing,  had difficulty getting my point across to the horse,  had a lack of confidence and felt inadequate as a trainer, and I was not having fun!


And,  the biggest problem was - My horses were not having fun. They were like robots, going through the motions, and not understanding exactly what I was asking them, and often resistant to what I was asking.

Their behavior did not change for the better,  they were not connecting to the exercises,  and they were not connecting to me. 


It was exhausting!  The Animal Communicators said one thing, the Natural Horsemanship people said another, and they are all important parts of the puzzle, but I was unclear on how to put it all together. 


And, sadly….There’s a lot of misinformation about what it takes to be able to communicate with a horse, to have the horse actually understand what you are saying, and be willing to do what you ask.  If you go about it the wrong way you’ll struggle, end up frustrating your horse, setting him back, and could even get hurt.  I learned the hard way, but you don't have to!


I don’t want you to be one of the many people stuck in a pattern of being a frustrated horse owner wanting to give up and give your power to a trainer when YOU CAN DO THIS!
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Since finding Carolyn Resnick, and this amazing method of horsemanship,  it has become my passion, and life’s mission to help people just like you succeed in transforming their lives and relationship with their horses while having fun doing it!


Why you may ask?… Because I’m a student of the horse, just like you and I want to empower others in their journey with horses and give horses a BETTER DEAL!  

     The Resnick Method of Horsemanship has helped thousands of people just like you and me, to actually build the relationship they’ve always dreamed of with their horse.  And, while we’ve helped people develop their horsemanship skills,  not only at Liberty,  but for competition, dressage, trail riding and much more…..


     The most important first step we teach in The Original Liberty Training Master Class, that has BY FAR the biggest effect on relationships, behavior and performance for horse owners/lovers,  is how to develop Five Heartfelt Strings of Connection, and how  to communicate with horses the way horses communicate with each other.
     I’ll detail exactly what the Five Heartfelt Strings of Connection are in a minute, but first let me explain why having Five Heartfelt strings of connection is essential and how it will transform both your life and your horses lives forever, because I know that above all else, you want to know that what I’m sharing with you today will have an actual impact on the quality of your life, and the ability to feel that initial connection with your horse that will result in a life time of confidence and growth in all that comes your way.

Imagine If you could:


Become a leader to your horse so that he feels safe in your company and will effortlessly want to follow your lead.

Develop a deep bond with your horse by merely sitting in a chair with your horse, and your horse would not want to leave your side.

Confidently teach your horse that he can trust you with a simple exercise that works every time

 Earn respect from your horse by understanding the code of conduct of horses and how they relate to each other.

Create willingness in your horse so that whatever you asked of your horse, he would be happy to comply because he understands what you are requesting, and LOVES to be with you.

Keep your horse focused on you

Walk together in companionship with your horse with no tack, ropes, or whips.

Dance with your horse to music at Liberty in a magical connection that you never dreamed was possible until now

Break the cycle of fear and procrastination in the training of your horse because now you have the skills you need to do this yourself





" I have already invested a lot of time and money into other training methods and should I just forge on and make it work, or, will this be just another unsuccessful attempt at training my own horse?"
I can tell you from my personal experience,  and the experience of working with hundreds of clients,  that eventually you will come to the same conclusion I did.


Without a system of communication that resonates with your horse,  you will continue to lack a relationship that comes from the heart within both you and your equine companion.






Here’s what The Waterhole Rituals are not :

  • The Waterhole Rituals are not another "pressure and release" method of training horses.  All that does is tell your horse that he can’t trust you.
  •  The Waterhole Rituals are not a quick fix, too good to be true method that temporarily fixes one issue you have with your horse. All that does is put a bandaid on the real problem, lack of connection.
  • The Waterhole  Rituals are not a method of training that fixes problems.  Develop the relationship and the problems disappear...yes, it's true!!
  • Looking at the problems only creates more problems!

Here’s what The Waterhole Rituals are:

  • 7 Rituals that Carolyn Resnick developed through her observation of horses communicating with one another in nature to remain safe, keep harmony in the herd and develop life long bonds.
  • A method of communication that is natural to horses. One that taps into their natural instincts so that they understand instinctually how to respond to your request and quickly develops a cross species bond.
  • A method that grows a deep bond, trust, respect, willingness and focus so that training problems quickly disappear.
  • A method that teaches you to shift your focus from "training horses and correcting problems", to finding the Entry Point of Connectionwhere you will ALWAYS get a YES!
  • A journey of self realization, personal growth and transformation through the training of horses at liberty. 
  • A process of communicating with horses that has pure, proven and measurable results. 

So, how do YOU create the horse of your dreams?

A horse that comes running when you call him, a horse that seems to understand what you are asking and wants so badly to do his best for YOU. 
A horse that becomes a partner in a never-ending love affair you never dreamed possible, like the one I have with my horses?

Introducing The ORIGINAL Liberty Training¬ģ¬†Premiere Plus Subscription Membership.¬†

The Premiere Plus Membership is a Master Class in The Waterhole Rituals‚ĄĘ. Suitable for beginners and advanced students of the horse, this method not only teaches you how to build a deeper connection with your horse and build¬†the confidence you need to train your horse at Liberty yourself, but will¬†take horsemanship skills to the next level!




  • This course¬†is straight forward with no reading between the lines. NO¬†guesswork!
  • The Waterhole Rituals‚ĄĘ program will¬†teach you from start to finish¬†exactly¬†how to build a relationship with your horse that will change your life and your horses life forever¬†
  • We develop a training program specifically for you and your horse so that you will leave with a system for success that you can immediately put to work with your horse and get results fast!¬†
  • This system has been used by thousands of people worldwide that have had issues ranging from lack of connection, lack of knowledge, fear of aggression from horses, lack of leadership ability, lack of horsemanship skills, and lack of understanding horse behavior and the natural instincts of horse, as well as many other issues.¬†
  • Plus, we will work together to make mindset changes,¬†clear old blocks that you may have with horsemanship, and develop new techniques that are proven to work with all horses.
  • We will teach you how to understand the natural instincts of horses and how to use these techniques to quickly have your horse saying YES to you!¬†
  • Understanding the natural instincts of horses is the key to success with any horse, and lacking this knowledge is why many other training programs are difficult for the average horse owner and just don‚Äôt deliver!
  • You‚Äôll learn the secret to success with horses and how to use 5 original techniques for every aspect of training your horse, so it becomes easier and easier for you to understand your horse and for your horse to understand you!! ¬†

(These techniques are original to this method and do not compete with any other training discipline, but are the foundation for any and all equestrian pursuits.)

 Are you ready to EMPOWER yourself and TRANSFORM your horse and the relationship you share together?


Are you ready to make things easier for your and your horse? Easier than they’ve ever been before?
Get ready, because The Original Liberty Training Waterhole Rituals will be the most useful asset you’ll ever have to transform your life, your horse, and how you interact together! 
The best part is that we’ll show you exactly how to do this so that you never have to look back! Your horse will be eager to see you and want to do anything you ask!


Don't waste any more precious time doubting your ability to train your horse yourself! 


Here is some of the content in The Resnick Method that will take you to the next level of horsemanship!


  • Discover why Liberty Training® is the foundation for any and all equestrian pursuits, and why it is where you need to begin with your horse to enhance everything you are doing with your horse. 


  • Understanding herd behavior and how to correctly read a horse.


  • A deep study of the natural instincts of horses so that you understand why you are doing what you are doing in the Waterhole Ritual program.


  • How to find the ENTRY POINT OF CONNECTION with a horse so that you always get a yes from your horse.


  • Understanding the CODE OF CONDUCT of the herd and how it works between horse and human to keep harmony in the relationship.


  • Learn how to build FIVE HEARTFELT STRINGS OF CONNECTION between you and  your horse...a bond, trust, respect, willingness, and focus.


  • LEADERSHIP the training of horses.


  • How to properly use ENERGY AND CLEAR INTENTION when interacting with horses at liberty.






  • WHEN TO USE TREATS  in the training of horses and how to use them properly.




  • How to develop FLEXIBLE BOUNDARIES and using the pause as a training aid.


  • How to SAFELY INTRODUCE FOOD to horses to develop healthy boundaries around personal space.


  • Creating a MAGNETIC CONNECTION with a horse so that he will want to do anything you ask and go anywhere with you....without tack! 


  • Developing HEALTHY MINDSET SKILLS  to remove limiting beliefs so that you can apply your gifts and empower yourself with Horses 


  • Learn to DEVELOP A MAGNETIC CONNECTION AND DANCE WITH HORSES AT LIBERTY  effortlessly easily and naturally.



The Original Liberty Training® MASTER CLASS helps you shift the focus from training and performance to the relationship, which in turn builds a deeper bond and strong connection between you and your horse!


 This method will save you time and money, and give you the confidence you need to DO THIS YOURSELF and give your HORSE A BETTER DEAL!

You Will Get:


One Year of coaching, with no pressure to attend every class. There is plenty of time, so you can attend any and all meetings at your leisure. Build this course around your schedule

Step-by-step live, one one one coaching in a small group format with Carolyn Resnick and Nancy Zintsmaster

A Self-paced, in depth, online course¬†in The Waterhole Rituals Liberty Training¬ģ method

Monthly Authentic Self Coaching Meetings

Observe other students be coached in Master Class live trainings


V.I.P. access to Carolyn and Nancy so that you can develop communication skills that will result in a lifetime of success and an amazing partnership between you and your equine companion


Access to training replays so that you can study them over and over and improve your horsemanship skills


Exclusive "EXTRA" trainings and videos that only students of the Master Class receive!


Access to The Resnick Method Membership Community


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What People Are Saying About The Master Class


“Carolyn and Nan have opened a whole new world of horsemanship to me. It was amazing to finally find a method that deeply resonates with my soul. Everyday, as I progress in my studies in this Master Class, on the Waterhole Rituals™,  I discover more about connection with horses, and I deepen a connection with my authentic self.”


"This method of Liberty Training® has helped me and my horse transform into an amazing pair! There are things I am learning now that I never would have known without experiencing this type of compassionate horsemanship.  I don’t even recognize the horse I bought a year ago because she has become so much more relaxed, more willing and more confident from the work I have done with her in The Resnick Method of Horsemanship. Practicing this communication system with my horse  has not only transformed my horse but is helping me realize more about myself, not only in relationship to horses, but with people too! My people skills have improved and the joy I feel when being with my horse this way is helping me through a really difficult time in my life."


"Carolyn and Nancy have an effortless way to teach and explain the reason for every move I made with my horse! I highly recommend this Master Class, and these trainers if you are looking for a surefire method for long lasting results. Having the knowledge behind the training allows me to think for myself while out in the field training my horse!"

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