"Its not only about you developing the horse of your dreams, but you becoming the human of your horse's dreams."

Carolyn Resnick


Dance With Your Horse At Liberty

You Can Do It!

Liberty Training® was created to help horse owners, trainers, and riders who love their horses and realize that they do not have the depth of connection they want, and need, to be able to communicate effectively with their horses.


Once you understand the natural instincts of horses, and have developed a deep bond and connection, your horse will see you as his leader and will quickly understand your requests and want to do anything you ask!

Knowing what the first steps are can change everything for you and your horse.

Schedule a free breakthrough session with one of our expert trainers and we will help you figure out the 3 biggest mistakes you could be making when communicating with your horse and the one thing you can do right away to develop a bond, trust and respect immediately.



Self Study

Study Liberty Training at home and enhance your horsemanship skills to develop a deep bond and amazing partnership with your horse.

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Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession! Do what you love and make your Dream your reality.

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Internships and Private Coaching

Learn the secret of communicating with horses at Liberty. Study with us for Private Coaching, Student Internships and Distance Coaching. 

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We are committed to help you learn to improve your relationship with your horse.  Our courses guide you on a path to success, knowledge and results with horses.  Whether a beginner or advanced horseman you can develop skills on the ground, at Liberty with confidence. There are several ways to ways to learn the Carolyn Resnick Method of Horsemanship, Liberty Training - at home through online courses, through video conference/telephone coaching, or in person through private and public clinics. CRM has proven to be the go to Liberty Training method for over 45 years and is the foundation to enhance any and all equestrian pursuits.

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