"Its not only about you developing the horse of your dreams, but you becoming the human of your horse's dreams."

Carolyn Resnick


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Liberty Training® was created by Carolyn Resnick to help horse owners, trainers,  and riders who love their horses and realize that they do not have the depth of connection they want, and need,  to be able to communicate effectively with their horses.

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What Others Are Saying

""The Carolyn Resnick Method of horsemanship does not demand, overcome, or dominate a horse. It is compelling because it is so noticeably peaceful. Thus, it unveils a horse’s true nature (and yours as well!), unfettered from inadequate training from the past. As such, it is a quiet approach and reminds you of what is possible between you and your horse, a partnership that hitherto for might not have been fully available to you. Carolyn will say horses need leaders - and that humans need to lead. Having a masters degree in Organization Development & Leadership, had I known Carolyn earlier, I would have gladly traded all that time and money for that degree to study with her, instead. She gets to the heart of the matter on leadership that typical education can usually only circle around and talk about. The Apprenticeship Program will enrich the lives of both you and your horse.""

Rodney Smit

""I took the leap of faith and signed up for the month-long internship program with Carolyn and Nan, and I’m so glad I did. It was both unique and immersive. Getting to study and train under Carolyn Resnick and seeing her in action with some of the rescued horses inside the arena was invaluable in understanding horse behavior. Through unique exercises and individualized groundwork sessions, I learned practical problem-solving tools but more importantly, it deepened my intuition and sharpened my level of self-awareness when engaging with a horse. Carolyn and Nancy's ability to provide immediate feedback in the moment of my groundwork sessions and their keen assessment of how to improve my connection gave me direction in the areas I needed to improve on.""


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