The Bond Technique


12 Week Virtual Live Coaching Event,  PLUS online course.




TRANFORM Your Relationship  With Your Horse And Develop A Deeper Bond




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APRIL, 6TH  2023 through JUNE 15th,2023

11:00 a.m Pacific Time


My name is Nancy Zintsmaster and I am co-founder, Instuctor and a Master Trainer in The Waterhole Rituals! I am here to invite you to a life changing experience, not just for you, but for your horse as well! I am going to share the years of knowledge that I have learned directly from Carolyn Resnick herself, so that you too can be a master at Liberty Training® and have the relationship with your horse you have always dreamed of!

The Bond Technique is a series of exercises in the first ritual of the Waterhole Rituals Liberty Training® method, Sharing Territory.  These exercises create, re-establish and deepens the bond by increasing your horses desire for you companionship! This live, virtual event will give you a solid foundation in Liberty Training so that you can communicate with your horse in a language he understands! 

Each week you will receive written lectures, instructional videos, and FREE access to our subscription membership community where you will find lots of information, plus, you can share your experience with others! You will study in the comfort of your home, practice with your horse, THEN you will join me twice a month for LIVE HOT SEAT COACHING, and Q&A sessions. Replays of each live session will be available to watch later.

What are you waiting for?? We just completed an 8-week LIVE Bond Technique workshop and EVERYONE LOVED IT!! So, we made it even better and added 4 extra weeks to give students more time to study with us! That's RIGHT, 12 WEEKS with me helping you develop the horse of your dreams!

Join me and be one of the many students all over the world who are dancing with their horses at Liberty due to the lessons they have learned in this method of Liberty Horsemanship!

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Here's What You'll Get: 


The Bond Technique Online Course for 12 weeks with training videos you can access at your convenience, practice with your  horse!  Each lesson is designed to help you move closer to your goals of connecting to the very heart of your horse. 

Written lesson content with clear steps to take to guide you through the exercises, plus helpful information

6 LIVE coaching/Q&A meetings (2 per month) where we will connect as a group and hot seat students who want one on one coaching. We will discuss specific videos to help the group as a whole. The skills you learn from watching others here are priceless. This is where the magic really happens.

3 LIVE Mindset And More meetings (one per month) with a professional coach that can help you jump over any hurdles of self doubt you may be experiencing with your horse.

Recordings of all the Training/Q&A calls are available for to you immediately after the live meetings.

Exclusive FREE access to Resnick Method Community Membership so you are always just a click away from connecting with the group for support. Plus, this includes blogs, extra videos, and helpful information. Your circle of support is growing! 

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Eva Jones

"Learning this way of Liberty Horsemanship has changed my life and my horses lives forever! I love this method,  and after attending one Waterhole Rituals clinic with Nancy,  I soon realized that I wanted to share this method with every horse person in the world and become certified in Carolyn's method of Liberty Training®."

Leah Kyaio

"The Resnick Method was like coming home. It was the first time I felt like I was truly deepening my relationship with my horse, not just telling him what I wanted. The Resnick Method allows my horse and I to communicate from who we are, "hearing" each other speaking in our own language - I in human and he in horse. What it allows us to do because of that clear communication is beyond words. It is truly fantasticl!"

Tina Atkins

"I have always wanted to get into my horse's mind instead of just moving their feet! The Resnick Method is the answer, and it was truly life changing for me and my horses. This method becomes a way of life. Oneness with your horse IS possible and it starts here!"

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