The ORIGINAL Liberty Training®

Providing online students with educational materials and digital access to written lectures, video series, and ebooks.


Do you want to train your horse yourself, but feel you lack the skills needed to do so?


Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on trainers to find that they taught your horse not to trust humans?


Are you uncomfortable with traditional training methods, thinking they are forceful and aggressive? 




If so, you are in the right place. We will show you how to make every training session a positive experience for your horse and for you!



Liberty Training Courses




This 21 day course is an interactive online program offering written and audio guided meditations, daily horsemanship tips and lessons. By practicing Sharing Territory with your horse, and following the exercises in this program, you will create, re-establish, and deepen the bond by increasing your horse’s desire for your companionship.

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THE BOND TECHNIQUE, Includes 21 DAYS TO CONNECTION WITH YOUR HORSE Online Course, PLUS 2 Master Class Video Coaching Sessions!!


This go at your own pace, self study Course offers an in depth understanding of how to Share Territory with horses  to develop a deep, cross species bond with your horse.

Each day for 21 days you will receive  inspirational and educational audio guided meditations, podcasts, daily horsemanship tips and lessons, as well as instructional videos to develop your skills at Liberty. This is an amazing opportunity for self realization/personal growth through the training of horses at Liberty.

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16 Week Online Training Course with LIVE VIDEO Coaching

This course is for those who would like to participate in an in-depth study of Liberty Training®.  Live video coaching will allow you the opportunity to be coached from the comfort of your home. Carolyn Resnick and Nan Zintsmaster will put together a training program specifically for you and your horse and coach you every step of the way! In this course you will gain an understanding of how to read what your horse is saying to you, how to communicate your requests to your horse so that he understands you,  and  be able to develop the partnership you always dreamed of. 

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Unlock Your Gifts With Horses!

Our Breakthrough Session can do just that! If you are ready to learn how to develop a deep bond, trust, respect, willingness and focus in your horse by using the natural instincts of horses at Liberty then book at free call with us so that we can help you design a plan of action that will give you your best results.

Want to privately with us, one on one?

We offer Private Clinics, Private Hourly Lessons, Internships and Distance Coaching!


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