The  Resnick Method Internship Program

Work/Study Program  

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Learn Together

An intensive study in The Carolyn Resnick Method of Horsemanship. Group or private internships available.  Experience one on one education in liberty horse training and general horsemanship at Dances with Horses locations.

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Meditation with Horses for Self Development

Develop personal growth in this experiential retreat like atmosphere. Meditate with horses and find your true nature!

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Equestrian Development 

Grow your horsemanship skills with Carolyn's unique methods of liberty training. Learn to communicate with horses in a language that natural to horses!

What's It All About?

The Carolyn Resnick Method Academy offers a limited number of  7 - 21 day intensive internships studying The Carolyn Resnick Method (CRM) of horsemanship. Experience the magic of liberty training to prepare horses from the ground to the saddle. This internship includes meditation with horses, the training of horses at Liberty, horse behavior, using body language to communicate with horses and advancing your horsemanship skills.

Experience the Journey to Personal Growth and Self-development with Horses

This¬†training program will focus on self realization through a meditation practice and a guided journaling experience while ‚ÄėSharing Territory‚Äô with horses. You will be spending as much time in ‚ÄėSharing Territory‚Äô as you do in schooling horses.

This internship opportunity will give you the skills to develop a working partnership with a horse. This partnership is built on friendship and trust as a way to communicate, train at liberty and to work with your horse as a dance partner. The experience of training horses is one that deepens the horse’s well being and sense of companionship that they share with people and other horses. 

Carolyn believes that horses are here to teach us, not to serve us. Learning how to listen to the essential lessons that horses have to share through the Carolyn Resnick Method will help you to better connect and develop your horsemanship skills for the purpose of self realization, personal growth and to increase your gratitude, well being and empathy. You will gain leadership skills through the communication skills you learn from the horses.

Develop a Relationship and Dance Partner with Horses and Learn to Prepare a Horse for Bit-less and Bridle-less Riding

For students who are interested in the Liberty training and ground work this internship will focus on the Waterhole Rituals in The Carolyn Resnick Method of Horsemanship. You will be guided through the seven Waterhole Rituals and how you can develop a deep bond and learn to connect and communicate with horses. Carolyn will teach you her secret to working with horses and communicating through body language, vibrational resonance and connection the way horses do with each other. This practice lays the perfect foundation for bit-less and bridle-less riding.

Upon departure you will have developed an ability to learn from experience and use self guidance as a way to grow your knowledge and will receive a certificate of completion in the course. 

Look what People Are Saying about the CRM Internship Program!


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Anna Kwok

"I took the leap of faith and signed up for the month-long internship program with Carolyn and Nan, and I’m so glad I did. It was both unique and immersive. Getting to study and train under Carolyn and seeing her in action with some of the rescued horses inside the arena was invaluable in understanding horse behavior. Through unique exercises and individualized groundwork sessions, I learned practical problem-solving tools but more importantly, it deepened my intuition and sharpened my level of self-awareness when engaging with a horse. Carolyn’s ability to provide immediate feedback in the moment of my groundwork sessions and her keen assessment of how to improve my connection gave me direction in the areas I needed to improve on."

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Rodney Smith

"The Carolyn Resnick Method of horsemanship does not demand, overcome, or dominate a horse.  It is compelling because it is so noticeably peaceful.  Thus, it unveils a horse’s true nature (and yours as well!), unfettered from inadequate training from the past.  As such, it is a quiet approach and reminds you of what is possible between you  and your horse, a partnership that hitherto for might not have been fully available to you.  Carolyn will say horses need leaders - and that humans need to lead.  Having a masters degree in Organization Development & Leadership, had I known Carolyn earlier, I would have gladly traded all that time and money for that degree to study with her, instead.  She gets to the heart of the matter on leadership that typical education can usually only circle around and talk about.  The Apprenticeship Program will enrich the lives of both you and your horse."

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