The Journey of Finding the Horse Whisperer Within

Aug 09, 2021

The term ‘horse whisperer’ is well known. My definition of a horse whisper is a person that knows how to connect with a horse effortlessly and easily. A  horse will naturally follow their lead with no explanation of why they would. It comes from shared vibrations of trust that can not be seen. The training of the horse is accomplished in moments of harmony and wellbeing.  

To gain the trust of a horse, one must focus on the changes of attitude a horse has toward your influence or your lack of influence. The changing attitudes give information about how to read the vibes of a horse to better know how to communicate leadership. 

Some people think that horse whispering is not natural for most people, I think it is natural. By staying a student of the horse you become a horse magnet. Over the years, I have seen that anyone who remains a student of the horse and wants to connect in this deeper way is successful.   

Horse whispering (at least my version of horse whispering) involves taking the time to connect with a horse without using force and never taking the free will away from a horse to enforce leadership. It is easy enough to do. All you need to do is give up training a horse using force and intimidation. You step away from operant conditioning. You must have an understanding of how not to push a horse into negative resistance. The horse must see that following your lead is in no way going to make him lose his freedom and that you are in no way dangerous or setting a trap. This is why children do so well with horses. Children and horses get along well. A child can push a horse more than an adult. The horse goes along with it because the horse sees that the child is in no way a threat. The vibrations between the horse and the child are working and in alignment.  

You can increase your ability to read the vibrations of a horse by Sharing Territory and simply enjoying each other's company. During these times drink in the joyful vibrations which will cause you to recognize them when they come up again. Another time that it is easy to read a horse’s vibrations is when a horse is acting resistant. It is easy to feel negative vibes because there is behavior that goes with it. Bit by bit it will be easier to read the different vibrations of the horse. After a time of practice, you will become more sensitive to your horse’s attitude and be able to read all your horse’s vibrations that exist between resistance and connection. 

Another way to develop your understanding of vibrations is to look at your own vibrations and often you will find that your horse is feeling the same way. From shared feelings your ability to read the vibration of your horse will grow. This will evolve into communication with your horse from vibrations in resonance.        

In the journey of finding the horse whisperer within, we meet the horse as he is and go about developing our understanding of the horse by Sharing Territory with him without any agenda except to be present in the moment in the same sort of wide consciousness as a horse. Horses are prey animals and are more aware of the environment around them. We need to widen our consciousness like a horse. For a human mind, that is being in a meditative state in neutral. In this state, by having nothing on your mind, your instincts for sharing vibrations are keen.  

I think the gift of horse whispering is found in the same way a surfer learns to ride a wave. The surfer does not change the wave. The surfer learns how to connect with what is happening in the moment of the traveling wave. Look at how much time a surfer sits on the board in the ocean. Out there in the ocean just sitting, the surfer grows his ability to ride the ocean wave.  He then learns how to ride with a deep sense of joy and gratitude. Hang with a horse like a surfer hangs out on the ocean. We can benefit by developing our skills like a surfer learning how to surf. If you love horses and enjoy learning from them, half the fun is feeling the connection growing more and more as we continue to learn, Sharing Territory with them. 

In developing your horse whispering ability the easiest way to understand a horse's mind is by having the horse at liberty. Being at liberty will allow the horse to not feel trapped. The horse can choose to leave you. It is very important to give the horse freedom to leave for it will build trust, like the trust the horse had for children that I mentioned previously. If a horse moves away from your company, it is important information that lets you know when to stop influencing him/her for the initial relationship to develop. As the relationship grows you may choose to join him or her when the horse walks off to keep the connection. Horse whispering is all about when to act and when to pause and what to allow and what not to allow along with not forcing leadership when the horse is resistant. 

By allowing nature to take its course, through the freedom that you give the horse, your mind becomes skilled in seeing the opportunity of when to ask a horse to follow your lead and avoid when he would not.

In the past, developing a relationship was often overlooked. People were more interested in the purpose the horse would serve them rather than the relationship.  

Today, when we have a great relationship with our horses, we are lucky that when we go to see them, we can leave all our modern-day stresses behind. We can become free again by only being aware of the present moment with our horses. This is a time we really grow. We are in the true classroom of life. All the daily stresses we have experienced are forgiven and gratitude releases our troubles away. At these times it is easy to read the vibrations of a horse.

This gratitude and not needing to accomplish anything but to achieve resonance will encourage a horse to naturally follow your lead. Allowing the time needed for nature to take its course is a valuable support to develop a language with your horse that is special to you both. From communicating with your horse when you are in this state of gratitude the ability to understand the vibrations of your horse and from there be the leader that your horse is magically drawn to, will show up. 

May the horse be with you and stay on the lookout for new horse and human sightings. 

Warmly, Carolyn Resnick

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