The Difference Between Natural Horsemanship and the Resnick Method of Liberty Training®

Nov 23, 2020

The other day I was asked, “What is the difference between The Resnick Method and Natural Horsemanship?” Natural Horsemanship uses pressure and release in the performance training of a horse. This training approach is based on making the thing you want your horse to do easy and the thing you do not want him to do more difficult. You persist in asking for what you want the horse to do until it is accomplished. Natural Horsemanship is focused on performance training as well as problem-solving through practical leadership principles.  

The Resnick Method is about relationship building. It develops a partnership and bond at Liberty. It is not focused on performance training your horse. It starts with Liberty training in a free open space rather than a round pen. The surprising result is that by focusing on relationship rather than performance, you wind up with a horse that behaves like a well-trained horse. 



Another difference between Natural Horsemanship and The Resnick Method is that The Resnick Method encompasses a deeper study of general herd behavior for the purpose of understanding how to approach the horse’s individual personality. The Liberty dance that is achieved feels like magic for horses and humans.

When I was a kid, I used a method to train a horse for reining. I’d never seen a reining horse. The method I used worked out beautifully. The result was amazing. Upon talking to several people who were also using the same method, I learned that they found it hard to apply, even those that knew about developing reining horses. I flew through the program because of the bond I had with my horse. He was fully focused on what I wanted him to do because of the deep devotion he felt for me. He tried his darndest to figure out what I was asking of him. This is what made the method easy. 

Years ago, I developed the Resnick Method based on the bond and relationships I have shared with horses. By practicing the Resnick Method, whenever I ask a horse to perform a new behavior the horse does so effortlessly, easily, and naturally. Because of this, I use performance training methods with the Waterhole Rituals as a perfect foundation to enhance the horse’s effort to learn and create an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable to the horse and human.

In conclusion, Natural Horsemanship starts training a horse with tack and eventually moves into performance training at Liberty. The Resnick Method starts at Liberty to develop a relationship and moves into performance training with tack once the partnership is developed.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Stay on the lookout for new horse and human sightings. May the horse be with you!


Carolyn Resnick


Photos by: Tricia Mogensen/


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