Self Realization Found Through Journal Writing Meditation With Horses

Jun 14, 2021

Getting in touch with your true nature by journal writing meditation with horses can create heart and mind coherence for self-realization. You get to know yourself and horses from a deeper level.  

Through the years, I have admired people who carry journals with them wherever they go. Journal writers, from friends to famous scientists, artists, and writers, seem to be people that are looking for a deeper meaning to their existence.

I enjoy reading my student’s journals; their journals are a helpful guide for me to know how to support them on their own journey for self-transformation.  Journal writing with horses in a meditative state is an excellent way to get to know your true nature to understand the true nature of a horse. 

The way I guide others in journal writing is to have them begin with a short meditation.  It is important to be in the right state of mind so you can be fully present in the moment to be on the same wavelength with your horse.     

Before you put pen to paper, pause to let go of the thinking mind and focus on the present moment to experience a sense of well-being. When you start your meditation, you will begin to relax, your mind slows down, and becomes more aware of the present moment that then activates the right brain to open up the heart chakra. In this state, a connection will begin to grow deeper. 

If you have worries, your worries will begin to take a back seat and time disappears. The chaos you may be carrying will melt away. You then step into a relaxed state of consciousness. Left brain and beta waves give way to alpha and theta brain waves.

Like a horse, you become aware of the ever-changing conditions in nature that keep you safe; you will feel a sense of freedom. Any blocked energy begins to flow. In this awareness, you are less focused on past and future concerns and more aware of well-being in the present moment with your horse. When you begin writing you have already aligned your right brain and left brain. In this state, transformation takes place. By writing from this higher consciousness you become consciously aware of your personal power.   

Journal writing meditation puts you in a state of joy, it is a great combo while you are Sharing Territory with a horse. It can have surprising effects, inspiring personal growth. It sets the stage for a coherent optimistic point of view. By becoming truly present in the moment, like a horse, life becomes more alive from a deep sense of consciousness.  In the process of evoking your true nature, a cross-species bond is born.  

Becoming aware of the ever-changing now, life takes on more meaning which removes all kinds of suffering. When you reach this state of awareness, a horse is naturally receptive beyond what you think is possible. “ Joy arises in your being greater than anything you are reaching for or experiencing from your everyday emotions.” It is a joy that is felt from being totally present in a state of neutral and being able to step away from your emotions so you may drop back or speed up to align with the resonance of life. 

Years ago, Krishnamurti, a world leader in the spiritual teaching of our time, said that if you can be present in the moment you experience a deep sense of freedom and well-being. I have followed his teaching ever since.  

Journal writing and meditation with horses are a way to stay close to your own true nature. When I became closer to my true nature, I strengthened my ability to teach others how to gain a sense of freedom by Sharing Territory with horses. I find that horses have an amazing ability to ground humans and heal what troubles them just by Sharing Territory. Being in the presence of a horse has a profound influence on understanding the value of meditation. It opens the mind to experiencing alpha brain waves that put a person into a meditative state. 

After years of watching the social behavior of horses, it became natural for me to stay in the present moment and stay focused on what was taking place without thought or judgment. I watched with a beginner’s mind. I did not try to put two and two together. I did not want my opinions to influence what I saw. I went beyond happy or sad. Beyond the horse whisperer. I got lost in the ever-changing now, feeling the sentient being in all things. I stayed in heightened awareness to take in as much as I could. I had no distraction. I was not happy or sad. I was in a state of neutral, love, and joy. I gained an ability that really can not be taught to others except by guiding others to take the same journey of Sharing Territory with horses.

Being truly receptive and aware of the changes that occur moment by moment, within you and the environment around you, is a Zen experience. In this state, the three brains, gut, heart, and mind are aligned. When both horse and human are connected to nature in this awareness they connect naturally and support each other's needs. The purpose of the journal writing journey in this state is to develop an amazing transformation for both horse and human where the human is more humane and the horse’s spirit is nourished. Deep gratitude is shared where the residual effect of well-being, healing, and a deep bond is gained.  

May the horse be with you and stay on the lookout for new horse and human sightings. 

Warmly, Carolyn  

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