Rediscovering Magic: A Dive into Liberty Training with Waterhole Rituals™

Dec 14, 2023

For those of us fortunate enough to have an innate affinity for horses or developed a childhood fascination inspired by literary gems like "King of the Wind," "Black Beauty," and movies like "The Black Stallion," the prospect of a magical relationship with a horse has always been appealing. In our youth, there were no barriers to our dreams; the bond with horses was a natural extension of our being, effortlessly fueled by love and a sense of adventure.

Fast forward to adulthood, where the magic of horsemanship may have, for some, taken a back seat to the demands and noise of the grown-up world. The spontaneous connection we used to share with our horses has, for some, evolved into a more practical and less lively experience.

But what if we could recapture that youthful dream of a profound bond with our horses while enhancing our training program? What if training became a mutually shared partnership, where the horse actively participates in the process, free from coercion?  Liberty Training®, specifically the Waterhole Rituals™, is rooted in the language of horses and how they communicate naturally.

Contrary to the conventional perception of Liberty Training® as pressuring a horse within confined spaces, the Waterhole Rituals™ tap into the horse's innate instincts and desire for communication within a herd environment. This method doesn't rely on force but rather on understanding the horse's language.

In the wild, horses thrive in extended family herds, while captivity often isolates them. The Waterhole Rituals™ rapidly bridge this gap, acknowledging the horse's need for connection, security, and structured hierarchy—a foundation of survival for thousands of years.

The lead broodmare in a herd plays a crucial role in maintaining order, providing discipline, and ensuring the safety of the group. Horses, being social animals, adhere to a pecking order, and the Waterhole Rituals™ help replicate this structure in the human-horse relationship.

The Waterhole Rituals™ teaches horsemen how to communicate with horses in a language similar to their natural herd interactions. Instead of forcing specific behaviors, this method focuses on shared energies, expressed through movement, eye contact, and body language—a ballet of communication that forges a harmonious working relationship.

In summary, Liberty Training® with the Waterhole Rituals™ offers a chance to reconnect with the magic of horsemanship, allowing horses and humans to communicate on a profound level. It's a dance of understanding, where language goes beyond words, creating a bond reminiscent of the youthful dreams we once held dear.

Written by,

Carolyn Resnick and Nancy Zintsmaster

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