Neutral, Finding Your True Nature Connecting To the Spirit of Horses

Jul 26, 2021

“The old Lakota was wise. 

he knew that man’s heart 

away from nature, 

becomes hard; 

he knew that lack of respect 

for all living things

soon led to lack of respect 

for humans too.” 

-Luther Standing Bear

To find the magic we need to get into the zone of awareness like a child in a state of well-being. This is your true nature. 

When you let go of what you know and let go of what you are searching for, you will then be in a state of neutral. You step away from ordinary feelings and understandings, and from the want of things that are out of your reach.

To achieve a state of neutrality and to experience a higher state of consciousness, step away from familiarity no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it feels. Step away from concerns and emotions of the past that you would like to capture again or run from. Step away from anger and even happiness. Forget about all of those things to hear the ‘Call of the Wild’ and to know your true nature more deeply. There is greater happiness by letting go. It is a happiness that does not come and go; it is found in the awareness of what is present around you at the moment and the changes that occur there.  

This will carry you back to your true nature, before your vision was developed of what a horse is and what he needs to be for your comfort.

 To find the spirit horse that dances with your heart in joy, go with intention, and then let that go. In this state of neutrality, being present to the moment, feeling complete and unafraid, a magnetic connection is shared.

The connection you long to discover will happen when wanting drops away and harmony is shared. 

The door you are looking for is wherever you left it when you chose to pick up learning from others.

Going through that door will return you to the magic you feel you lost or thought you never had. 

Returning through that door is how to find the magic of connection with a horse. 

“Enter. Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway.  Be bold. Be humble.

Put away the incense and forget the incantations they taught you.

Ask no permission from the authorities.

Close your eyes and follow your breath to the still place that leads to the invisible path that leads you home.”

-St. Theresa of Avila  (1515-1582)  

You must be in a state of personal power free of manipulation and control. This is the point where great leadership is born. It is a state of being that is completely free and aligned with the vibrations of nature and with yourself and your horse.

We all want to lead and we all want to follow. Order is the answer to a harmonious sharing where both you and your horse welcome the ultimate leader and influencer in each other. Drama vanishes and harmonious willingness is shared. 

In the magic an invitation is presented possibly by the touch of a horse’s gentle whiskers upon your face, where two spirits meet and turn into a shared awareness - there is the bond. The experience feels better by getting to know each other's greatest virtues in the state of freedom that neutral brings. Listen, watch, breathe, pause, and enjoy. 

To get to neutral, be aware of the beauty in the present moment and feel a connection with a horse while wanting nothing. Always be willing to reset your connection to the moment on your journey to keep the harmony growing. By doing this you will learn how to stay away from drama and you will learn what your horse owes you and what you owe your horse to keep the bond alive. Understanding this code of conduct and how it supports your relationship with your horse is truly magical. 

“Remembering to remember may be the only remembering to remember.” -Horse Dancer 

Remember to remember the elevated state of neutral. Be with this state of awareness. Do not manipulate evolution, allow it to unfold. This will keep the magical gift the spirit of horses has to offer us.  

Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings. May the horse be with you.


Carolyn Resnick

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