Good Vibrations: Dancing and Sharing Territory at Liberty with Horses

Apr 19, 2021

After watching one of the horses on my ranch spend time with a raven that was in his paddock, I noticed a connection developing between the two animals. The raven was preoccupied with looking for something in the stallion’s pen, and the stallion became curious about what the raven was doing. Watching this in nature, as well as when I have Shared Territory with my own horses or watched my students Share Territory™ with their horses, I have found that this curiosity and the “good vibrations” developing between two species are an important part of developing a deep bond.

All animals are curious about anything that preoccupies another being. If you are preoccupied reading a book or journaling, it will draw your horse to you so the horse is the one that starts the relationship. This is important when Sharing Territory with your horse. 

If fishermen enjoy waiting until they catch a fish, you can enjoy the time that you share in the company of your horse. You are just fishing for a connection with your horse instead! 

Good vibrations occur from the relationship you form with a horse in a timely manner. However, some things can stop good vibrations from forming. One is not knowing how to build a connection. I believe knowing how to connect with a horse is the most important skill to have with horses. 

The equestrian world increasingly begins training a horse to be ridden when the horse is not ready, so lots of extra training must occur to get the horse trained. A lack of Sharing Territory to grow and maintain the connection with horses in this modern day is more than half of the reason why it takes a well-seasoned trainer to train a horse to be dependable and trustworthy.

By not sharing territory with horses we cause them to be wary of us. Because of this, extra training, such as desensitizing the horse needs to be addressed. Desensitizing a horse when he feels fearful is unnecessary if you have shared territory with him. It is better to work with a horse when the horse feels safe, connected, and secure. When a horse realizes he has a relationship with you, what would ordinarily frighten him would not. 

When a horse is secure in our company we can easily bring the horse social activities that are natural to horses as a way for the horse and human to develop trust, respect and wind up with a cross-species bond that brings about a working partnership. Letting nature take its course in helping to bring a natural connection brings out the nature of horses to enjoy carrying us on their backs.

We do not have the time to spend with horses as we did in the past so most methods are considered better than others by how fast they work. It is my hope to stop the desire of the fast track and get people to be more interested in horses as our best friends that play a predominant role in our lives. The slow journey is so good for the horse and the equestrian. 

It is good to grow your ability to manage your horse as a leader. The more you know about how to communicate and lead the less time you will need to train your horse. Why? Because your approach is everything. 

When I was young, because of Sharing Territory with horses, I could read a horse like a book. That ability guided me in knowing what to ask, when to ask, and what to avoid to ride a horse just from the bond that was developed from Sharing Territory. I had better control of my horses than horses that went through formal training. I simply knew when to ask and what to avoid to put together a dependable ride.  

Having a bond and allowing the horse freedom to choose his relationship with you helps you to uncover an ability to lead a horse naturally. By putting your focus on the horse’s sense of perception you pick up an understanding of how to connect with your own nature and how to approach any form of communication.  

The long journey creates true horsemanship. You develop a natural instinct for leadership. The more time you spend with a horse the more you will find that less time is needed for training. 

May the horse be with you and stay on the lookout for new horse and human sightings.

Warmly, Carolyn Resnick

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