Embracing a State of Neutral Awareness

Sep 14, 2023

In The Resnick Method Liberty Horsemanship, we place great emphasis on the practice of being in a meditative state of neutral when we are with our horses. It's a crucial aspect of our teachings that fosters a deeper bond between humans and horses. To begin this journey, we encourage our students to Share Territory with their horse,  sitting in a chair while the horse is at Liberty; without tack, in a free and open environment. This process gives the horse freedom and allows the human to attune themselves to the present moment, embracing a state of neutral awareness.

Being in the state of neutral means reaching a state of calm and focused awareness, free from distractions and what is often referred to as the "monkey mind." In this state, you are fully present in the moment, without dwelling on past events or worrying about the future. Your mind is clear and receptive, allowing you to connect deeply with the horse and the environment around you.

As we sit in a chair, embracing a state of neutral presence, we allow the horse to approach us at his/her own pace.  It's an empowering choice for them, and it encourages a natural sense of curiosity towards us.  This unhurried interaction allows the bond between horse and human to develop organically, deepening the connection. Instead of imposing our will upon them, we invite them into a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding.

When horses feel free to make their own decisions, they become more receptive and open to forming a genuine bond with us. This sense of autonomy creates an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, as they know they are not being forced into anything.

By giving horses the opportunity to choose and respecting their decisions, we build a foundation of trust that paves the way for a remarkable journey together. Through this mindful and considerate approach, we honor the true essence of horsemanship and cultivate a true partnership with these magnificent beings.

Nancy Zintsmaster

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