Beginning Each Day With Meditation And Sharing Territory With Horses

May 14, 2022

(Sunset meditation on our arena fence at Dances With Horses Ranch in Costa Rica)

Why is this practice so good for you and for your horse?

We’re all guilty of reaching for our phones first thing in the morning to try and wake ourselves up, but is this really the best way to start the day? Whether we’re reading negative news stories or checking social media, our phones have the potential to ruin our mornings before they’ve even begun.

Starting the day with a morning meditation, with or without your horse, gives you time to get in touch with your body and mind before you start making decisions, and it can give you an immediate mood boost for the day. It has the power to increase your productivity at work and during your daily activities. This will help you to focus on the important things in life before you get the day started: unity, compassion and gratitude.

When possible we encourage you to take this time for meditation to your horse. Not only does meditation help you, it gives well being to your horse! Horses live in a natural, meditative state of being; present to all that is around them, being in neutral. This is the the state of being that we want to embody when we Share Territory with horses.

When sitting with your horse you may have a tendency to jump from one thought to another randomly, like a wild monkey jumping from tree to tree. This concept is referred to as “monkey mind,” but it’s true for all of us who live in the modern world.

When we spend time with our horses in “monkey mind” they become skeptical of us, as they are totally aware that we are not present to our environment. This state of being keeps our horses from feeling safe. As prey animals, they need a calm, assertive leader who is aware of all that going on around them. This helps them to feel safe in our company and they can trust that they can follow our lead. This is why it is so important to be fully present when sharing territory with our horses.

So, when in “monkey mind” remember to pull out your journal and write your thoughts, then let them go. Then, write about how you would like it to be. This will help you get into neutral; a present state of awareness. In this place of neutral your horse will become relaxed and want to be in your company. This togetherness will help grow the bond!


Nancy Zintsmaster 

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