The Genius of Sharing A Bond With Horses

Apr 05, 2021

An old-time cowboy feeds and grooms his own horse before he feeds himself. My dad said his horse will always have food but no guarantee that he would. He knows his horse as well as he knows himself. This is a cross-species bond. It is a bond that is reliable. It does not fade. It is a relationship that does not fluctuate when it comes to trust, respect, loyalty, love, dedication, and the need to stay together.  

There is no drama that will damage a true bond. If any drama occurs, it is dealt with and forgotten when true love is shared and trusted. It comes in learning how to trust yourself and give life a chance to lead you to your objective. I can tell you that the old cowboy I mentioned above was doing just that. This type of cowboy is in all of us. In fact, this exists in nature in every living being. 

This cowboy knew how to slow down and speed up; he knew when to pause and when to act, when to lead and when to follow. He knew this balanced relationship like the back of his hand and everyone respected him for it. He respected himself and all living beings. Who did he learn this from? You guessed it...he learned it from his horse. His horse taught him about the value of relationships and boundaries that are flexible, so as to keep the relationship stable and growing. In other words, the relationship is more important than the objective. Too much objective will hurt the bond. I know if the relationship is not growing it is not being attended to. 

I was talking to Nancy, my business partner yesterday, about coming up with a short mission statement. She came up with “Giving a better deal to horses while helping humans to expand, grow and heal” I felt she nailed it like she often does. What we are doing is helping humans to develop their instincts by coming from their heart, to bond and dance with horses, naturally, at liberty, the way horses communicate with each other.  Horses have a language, a communication system, I refer to it as a code of conduct that exists in all living things, and is inherent in nature. This brings alive harmony, trust, and the loyalty of the bond to follow your lead. It is a method that does not remove the freedom of anyone or manipulate anyone. This approach causes others to feel a sense of well-being from the relationship and leadership you share with them. This code opens the door in how to bond, and how to keep the bond by learning when to lead, and what to support, and when to follow. 

My program, The Waterhole Rituals, opens the door to new horizons. This program is focused on a connective consciousness, the one Heart shared by all. From a connective consciousness, a language is born, of how to bring more well-being to each other through the language of horses by communicating through flexible boundaries.

Finding this kind of connection is life-changing. My role in all of this is to bring people together with horses by honoring the intelligence of nature as a guide. Stabilizing the bond has a profound effect by bringing stability to your own nature. 

The bond and flexible boundaries are the quickest way to healing and repairing a damaged heart for the horse and the human. Expanding into wellness is heart-based and heart-driven when you are aligned with your true nature.  

In the many years of observing the culture of horses, I learned a valuable lesson. In the culture of horses, the horse knows when the individual needs to serve the needs of the community, and when the community needs to serve the individual for the well-being of them both; this is where flexible boundaries play a major role. It is, in fact, essential for the harmonious potential of existence for all living things. The old cowboy embodies this wisdom and he learned it from his horse. 

Be on the lookout for new horse and human sightings. May the horse be with you.


Carolyn Resnick

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